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Maria Burpee, 04 august 2016:

I hope we might speak regarding sending you international patients if that is something of interest to you and your team?

I am responsible for partnering with the best hospitals (and now clinics) in the world in order to send international patients for elective surgeries and procedures. After building a successful business model around "typical" medical tourism procedures we have seen a lot of interest from patients looking for IVF. This is only set to increase as we increase our marketing activity and spending as well as continue to sign agreements like the one we signed with Mail.Ru.

That is where I believe we have a beneficial relationship, signing a contract with ARCHIMEDICX for us to send you international patients/clients, expanding and complementing your marketing efforts.

If you'd like, I would love to have a skype/phone call with you and/or I can send you a copy of our contract for your review.

I look forward to your response.

best regards