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Hans Stöhr, 28 january 2016:

Dear Leonid Gud and Dr. Oleg Tishkewich

You certainly have been aware of the embryo and sperm grading program at NEQAS that has been implemented in the UK with great success. Considering the increasing importance of certified and proficiency tested fertility laboratories I would be interested in speaking with you on the potential benefits for parts of the NEQAS program for proficiency testing by fertility laboratories in Ukraine.

This NEQAS program contains, among others, a unique online module that allows for precise comparison of the grading proficiency between laboratories and even staff of one and the same laboratory. This module is completely online; because of its standardized video and still images all laboratories and individual staff will grad comparable samples at each of the 4 annual proficiency testing rounds. The embryo morphology and sperm motility grading is based on digital videos exclusively, while the digital sperm morphology grading is complemented by digital s